Die before you die. The sufi way of life!                                                                                               http://786sufiwisdom.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/bawa1_p13-250x199.jpg?w=200


in one of his famous sayings our beloved prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) said ”die before you die.” This death before death is the way of the sufi and all true mystics. This death is the death of the ego, desires, duality and ultimately the false self. This teaching is found in the Holy Bible where John says “I die daily.” You may ask what is the purpose of this death? The purpose of this death is to die to all that is related to ILLUSION and let the REALITY of God live in you as You.

In the exalted way of the sufi there are 3 deaths. It is said that the masonic mythological figure Hiram Abif was hit in the head 3x and buried in a shallow grave. This…

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