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Tell me, whenever you travel what is it you look forward to ???

Scenery ? People ? Travel ? Resorts ? Hotels ? Solitude ? Rejuvenation ?

Well, whilst I prefer to go to places where there are few humans. One of the things I love about visiting cities is the foods I can devour. Whenever I am travelling to places like Delhi or Mumbai almost a week before my mind cant help but keep on fantasizing and dreaming about utmostly delicious food I would be diving into soon !!!!! Sigh… I just think of hogging and it hogs my mind ! 😀 😀 😛 😛 😛

As Mumbai now beckons… sigh… here are a few things on my mind ! Some things I lust for ! 😛 😛 😈

Do you love Sev Puri ?

Especially the ones served in Mumbai on roadside with that Khajoor Chutney ! Yummilicious…

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