Frankly & Fearlessly With Alisa Valdes

Like many girls, I loved the color pink when I was growing up. Unlike many girls, I had parents who sort of rolled their eyes about my love for rosy hues, as they lectured me on the way society conditioned girls to only think they preferred this color as a way to keep us oppressed and separate from males.

I tried, for a time, to eschew pink, in order to remain part of the academic feminist tribe. But I cannot lie; I still loved it. And now, in spite of angry anti-pinkists everywhere, science has proved that there are biological reasons for this preference.

Researchers from Newcastle University have found that all over the world, women prefer pink. Given choices of a broad spectrum of colors, women from a variety of cultures and backgrounds all indicated preferring colors in the red and pink range. Because the study was cross-cultural, the…

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