ram0ram wisdom notes

Most of the time we search our face value in other’s eyes with numbers of followers and friends ……..and most of the time we get is a inflated picture and some time depleted picture….we must research the own value in own eyes through a plain mirror within….the true picture is our original face…..time and timelessness together.

till one will search value in other’s eyes…..one will remain poor with all rich titles…..once one become valuable in one’s own eyes……no titles needed.

one ray telling other ray about Sun is wisdom or ignorance ?

then why we blog or write ?

there is a saying ….. in Hindi…..HARI ANANT ….HARI KATHA ANANTHA ……KAHAU SUNAHU VIDHI VIDHI SANTA…….. the meaning is lord is infinite….so is the tales of that infinite…….and it told and listened by different enlightened masters, in many different ways all across the world, in different languages at different times and…

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