Wowzers! This is a beauty. And practical too – look at that ingenious design for carrying some extra cargo.

The bike is called The Fremont and is the beautiful result of a collaboration between design firm and a a Portland based cycle company (Ziba and Signal Cycles). Click here for some information from Ziba on how the bike was designed and made, a fascinating process.

Images from AnthologyMag

Look at the blue on the wheels! The stylish satchel! The little light on the mudguard! 

Oh, in my dreams I’m wearing a stripy top with my hair blowing in the wind (car free roads in all dreams) and cycling this to a proper American farmers market in Portland.

(In reality I’m wearing a fluoro green jacket, a bright white helmet and I’m trying not to get mown down by a bus crossing the Euston Road).

Oh get me one of these…

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