everything is within you.
all of this world.
the next.
& the next.
it’s all within.
each world is peeled away the deeper you go within.
go ahead.
peel these worlds away.
strip off every single layer.
till you discover your own consciousness.
in its natural state of being.
just being.
your consciousness does NOTHING.
it just is.
with no want.
with no desire.
with no goal.
just existence.
in its truest form.
knowing it can create.
knowing it has rediscovered itself.
are you ready to take that trip?
that long journey.
you are at the threshold.
the first step.
to the true realization of your own divinity.
the rest of the journey, though long, is but a step away.
a thought, a simple thought, away.
are you ready?
this is your time to go within.
where you are.
just are.
nothing else.
you are, we all…

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