tis not the same
you knew me then
this one –
much more than when
of innocence
and sweetness
stole a kiss –
and made a vow
but grass has grown
and forests fell –
touched the fire
and lived (somehow)
so close – I could smell
forever burning

is there a sweet
some sweetness still –
but a flame
I won’t let go
for I feel the hurt
I bear the pain –
I know
I know
I know

there are worlds
beyond the petals
to blossom in my hand –
there are sands
beyond the silver shores
and hearts – won’t be unbroke
souls denied a place
to be –
truths you dare not know

from where you are
am I the same
of this I won’t deny
the world I knew before
was you
this now is opened wide
and so have I
my heart explodes
my soul…

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