Today I relived the past, and I did it better.

I was confronted with a weird situation that I previously may have buckled to, but then I stayed strong. I stood firmly, and made sure that if I was going to lean on something, it was going to be something immoveable. It was going to be something real and not fleeting feelings of loneliness, confusion, inadequacy, or vulnerability.

We (I say “we”…. it was Ennio and I watched.) cut down a dead tree today. It was a matter of time before it fell, and we hoped it wouldn’t be on something valuable. The best bet was to cut it down, and it came down easily, but didn’t pull away from it’s spot without some serious force.

Ennio tugged and tugged, and finally was able to release it from what we found out was a very immature, soft, and overgrown tree…

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