The woman handed her son the egg. “Now take care and carry it over the hill to the poor people on the other side.” she said.

“Yes, Mother.” The boy cradled his hands carefully, taking the egg with great delicacy. He walked out of the door with a look of determination to fulfill his important mission as his mother smiled proudly.

It was a hot day, the hill was steep and the boy was glad to reach a level shelf of land. He sat down in the shade of an old ruin. Nearby, some other boys were shouting and playing. The boy stared enviously at them, looked up at the hill and wondered. The other boys waved and beckoned to him, so he got up and walked towards them.

“Wanna play?” one asked.

“Yeah, but…” the boy’s voice trailed off as he looked at the egg.

“Oh, you don’t need…

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