Crazy Cowboy Wife


This was the sight that stopped me in my tracks last night on my way home.

The kids and I were racing home from soccer practice at 7:15.  I kept thinking about all the things I needed to get done… feed kids, bathe kids, clean up supper, talk to Grady about possible weekend plans, get things lined out for my UBER early morning and try to find some time wind down in between.  My mind was racing.  As I turned south on the last 5 mile stretch to our house I looked out my window and saw that.

I HAD to stop.  It wasn’t just the photographer in me that had to catch a moment like this. 

No, it was the God loving Christian in me that NEEDED to stop for this.

Whenever I see the sun’s rays beaming through clouds like this I can’t help but equate it to…

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