Momental Impressions

Girl holding a canon camera in a staircase
Dear Internet,

I know I did you wrong. Neglected your knowledge and ever-expanding wisdom. I even forgot
about you for a while (imagine!).
And later I tried hiding, so you wouldn’t find me.
Being all silly and stuff, I realise now.
And I’m sorry. Deeply, heart-broken sorry.

It wasn’t about you; I was crazy.
I loved you, you know. And I still do.
Honestly, from this moment on and until end of time. We did good together, remember?
We found some amazing people ’round here.
People who would discuss philosophy, kittenz and llamas. That’s like basic needs, right?

The thing is,
I’ve got this tiny favour to ask of you:

Would you mind making me become a photographer again?

You taught me all I knew, but somehow I got lost along the way. Then you tried to teach me again, and I ran away. – Can’t remember how I did…

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