Once there was an owl who sat on a limb and was listening to a song bird that was singing a lovely tune. When a wood pecker flew in and landed on this same tree and began banging its beak against the bark of the tree. “Rap, Rap, Rap.”

“Excuse me,” started the little song bird, “But, I am trying to sing here!”

“So,” replied the woodpecker and continued to pound its beak against the tree’s bark, making a loud and annoying sound. “Tap, Tap, Tap.”

The owl thought about this a moment and suggested, “Mr. Woodpecker… perhaps you could play precusion for the little song bird?”

“Nope, I am to busy,” The woodpecker replied.

“Busy doing what? Making noise?” The little song bird huffed.

“Tap, rap, tap, tap, tap,” the woodpecker continued. “I am looking for my dinner.” The woodpecker spat.

“There are bugs all over the forest floor,” the owl stated…

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