The Wanderer's Thoughts...

Distance immaterial

When two heart beat as one

Love to sneak behind you, slowly

Close your eyes with my hands

When you look back

My lips meet yours

Love your love filled look

I’m so in love with you my love

This love is what makes me alive…








Dakshi ~

2012– 29/04

© All Rights Reserved


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THE Personal Garden Coach

My tiny back yard has recently undergone a massive makeover this spring. I’m still finishing up a few details before I share it with all of you. But, I wanted to make a point about Focal Points and Focal Point Trees in particular. A small or large-scale tree placed strategically in the landscape for its shape, texture, color can add an immeasurable amount of artistic flair and drama with very little effort.
This brand new Larix pendula, ‘Weeping Larch’ does just that here at the end of my path as it opens into the main yard. In fall when the needles turn a warm gold and drop, then I will have that incredible weeping structure to look at all winter. WIN WIN!
Frequently, I have customers and clients who are SO bloom focused for the few weeks of a flowering tree or shrubs blooms in the year that they forget…

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Poems for Kush

Somedays when I read the newspaper

Even though I no longer read it on paper

Calling it newspaper makes it like an old friend

I come across some news good some news bad

Some stories happy some stories sad

But you know that cliched word was coming

Some stories however make me mad

These are not about the corrupt politicians

or the latest excuse they made to go for War

After some time that theme starts to bore

Having been executed since time began

Nope these are the stories

Of people (mostly men, but sometimes women)

treating other people badly

Kids being raped and killed

Teachers fucking students

Women being tortured in Country X for doing Y

Gays being bullied for being gays

These are the days

I feel like going back on my monkish vows

And unleashing a cyber scepter

On predators who…

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