Diary of a MYSTIC

I came a long way
To realize my life
is more than me,
or my dreams.

My tears are the source
Of the bountiful rains,
My flesh is the sacred cup
Filled by love,
compassion and faith.

I was descended
And buried in
the darkest nightmare
of human race;
Fear of living
To my true self.

I fell many times,
In mud, dirt and blood
I broke in pieces
sadness and sorrow
whipped my tiny existence
over and over,
Part of me died
In every encounter
between the leather of knowing
and ignorance
of my bare skin.

Every time I asked God;
why? Why me?

He stood by me,
was all I heard.
I got numb from
depth of pain,
I tried hard to
crawl out of dark;
Surviving became
an opportunity
To raise above
my limitation,
To change
and find my way out of
The noisy chains…

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