The Water Witch's Daughter

Living in the Gap

March 31, 2012 – A Battle of Wills

The crow pecks and moseys about the yard. His feathers are so black they shine blue in the sunlight; almost as if the sun has picked a bit of the sky and placed it within his wings. A blue jay lights upon the porch rail. Tail feathers skyward, he shows off his finest wear of pretty boy blue with black and white trimmings. His crown ruffles in a fret and he swoops over the crow. The crow flutters and recovers. He continues his agenda of jabbing and wandering the lawn. The jay dives at the crow again, and both fly skyward in opposing directions.

Living in the Gap

April 1, 2012 – Heavenly Scent

I enjoy walking the yard after a fresh rain. I expect to be greeted with that “after rain” scent. As soon as I reach…

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