Poetry of the Water Witch's Daughter

The fourth sister knows proper grooming makes all the difference.

She maintains the wardrobe; out with the old and in with the new.

You may see her as temperamental, but she is one of the chosen few.

She knows the right color provides a perfect splash of vibrancy.

Give her a chance and she mixes well with others at the party

She leans toward the tender side as she is not frost hardy.

Feed her well. Give her what she needs. Shower her with riches.

She loves the sun, but needs a bit of shade to cool when she gets too hot.

Give her space and if she drinks too much, let her drain so her roots don’t rot.

The fourth sister is showy and likes to be noticed.

She might disappear and suddenly return without a reason why.

Sometimes she just needs to soak in the rain and completely…

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