Incisive Observations

Within the last few years there has been a lot of claptrap and noise making about being “socially responsible or “socially conscious” and a lot of calling for those of us in the wide world to be socially responsible.  I admit, it s a nice concept, but it is over rated, and here is why.

Individual responsibility leads to social responsibility… by definition.  If we as individuals and families focus on the inner work of cultivating real virtue, social responsibility comes very naturally and freely, and it works a lot faster than creating a bunch of claptrap about other people who aren’t “pulling their own weight.”

A good person, who truly is good, is going to do socially responsible things, not because some PSA keeps nagging him to do it.  He will do it because it is a virtue he has cultivated.  He’ll help push someone’s car out of the…

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