Source of Inspiration

Actual photos of some of the growing thousands who are homeless in the US while their homes sit locked and stolen by greed.


What do we really need?
Food, shelter, clean air
and water are essentials. How
is it that in this abundant
world, these basics line in ruin?

Food contaminated with GMOs, chemicals,
depleted soils, undrinkable water.
The air we breathe lessened by
destruction of forests, pollution,
chem trails designed to leave us sterile
and diseased. Our water purposely
infused with health destructive
chemicals, contaminated by our wastes,
overgrown by harmful organisms.

Thousands are homeless as banks
steal homes, people lose jobs and
economies continue planned downward spirals.

Civil liberties we took for granted
have been stripped by the lies of our
captors. Work is our enslavement as our
money has little value.

People, stop and think before it is
too late. Create a call to action

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