Draw Yourself 1 - collage of an English teacher @katew26
(see art attributions on polyvor.com)
The QUT English Curriculum Studies #CLB_018 class challenged me to depict my English teacher identity.
I’m strongly drawn to gothic expression in literature, theatre, art, and design. I love the tension involved in exploring the unknown, and want to encourage my students to ‘draw themselves’ through their encounters in these text worlds. I want their self-portraits – and mine – to negotiate ideas of false and true.
On the elements:
I chose to frame this collage a reference to the space on the polyvore page, space in the classroom, spaces where we typically engage in visual objects we call ‘art’, but also the spaces in our everyday theatrics (how we stage our homes, our workplaces and our social spaces). The ‘false frame’ of this exercise also allows me to exercise…

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