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China environmental year:: Smoke billows from the chimneys of a power plant during sunrise in Jiaxing

The available fresh water on this planet is more than adequate for our human needs, but runaway global warming, unchecked toxic pollution, climate change, mismanagement and hoarding for wasteful industrial uses, renders most of it unsafe for human consumption or simply unavailable to the Peoples of this Earth. Further Climate Change caused droughts and precipitation shifts as well as humidity pattern changes, render the seasonal rainfall uncertain and the melting glaciers cause further water unavailability, rain loss, and desertification.  Add to this the increasing demands of a maturing global population and the additional two Billion people entering our fold and you have a crisis of real global magnitude.

According to the Environmental Parliament Report on the stresses placed on the Environment by Human agricultural, industrial, and economic activities, water is the number one issue. Because more than 66% of the people of this Earth — fully two thirds of the…

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