According to Yogi Bhajan the Master of Kundalini Yoga and my teacher, we are now in the Age of Aquarius starting on 11-11-11.  Things have speeded up considerably in life and on mother earth since that date.  How can we deal with all that amazing energy?  I do mean everything is speeding up too.  Our thoughts, the demands on our time, everything.  How can we cope and keep our cool under such pressure?

First and foremost is SADHANA!!  What is Sadhana??  Sadhana is our own personal practice/discipline.  Most importantly it is done in the early morning hours between 4 and 7 AM ideally.  Or whenever you can manage a little time to allow yourself to recharge and prepare for the day ahead.  The ambrosial hours is best because it is so quiet and peaceful and you can really get into what ever your personal practice is without distruption. For me…

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