A Leaf in Springtime



All this time

The Sun never says to the earth,

“You owe



What happens

With a love like that,

It lights the



~ Hafiz (The Great Sufi Poet) 1320 – 1389

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  1. I think it is significant that while Hafiz, the greatest Persian poet of his time, was dying, Chaucer,long considered the “Father of Middle English,” was by 1388 publishing the first monumental work written entirely in Chaucer’s dialect of the older Anglo-Saxon [ i.e. Old English ] tongue under the encouragement of Richard II, in so eloquent and expressive a manner as to create a sensation so great as to establish his dialect as the medium of written English [ I.e. Middle English ] until the same thing happened through Shakespeare, the “Father of Modern English,” some two hundred years later. Hafiz and Chaucer were contemporaries and both achieved their respective contributions to the furtherance of their respective languages by the same route. It is an established axiomatic fact that, next to the Prophets, it is the poets, not the generals, that affect the language and social change necessary to a people’s evolution and progress, and it is also equally fascinating that this evidence and it’s history are almost totally ignored by those seeking power and are almost totally embraced by those whom Fortune favors; without Virgil, who was Augustus and without Homer, whom of all the ancient Greeks would be remembered at all?

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