The wisdom to do so indeed exists, but it cannot be interjected into any economic system without our knowing the cosmic reason for our existence.

Unfortunately, while science takes a stab at the “how” of world creation, it has no interest in the “why” of creation. This is the realm of religion, un-provable metaphysical realities and smacks of Intelligent Design (which is a big no-no these days).

However, without a rational reason for why we humans exist on this planet there is no need for cultivating wisdom—only cunning.

Even if you prefer to wipe God and religion from the equation of reality, you can still get clues from physical Nature as to how wisdom is actually incorporated into the commerce of the biosphere and ecosystem. Evolution, whether it was purposely designed or simply serendipitous, has led to one curious outcome—unity! Everything in nature serves everything else (just like each single…

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