Alone in the desert, just Beware

The Sun causes a lot of, Glare

To Mirage the worldly vision, Care

Warmth and Heat in plenty, There

Thirst in abundance but water, Rare

Drought is found and dunes, Everywhere

Internal storm is bound to, Flare

Silence in stillness is all you, Hear

Life has never and never be, Fair

Living here only by paying, Fare

Taming one self’s wants is the, Dare

Soul’s weight body cannot ever, Bear

Journey is never to get any, Where

But to continue to find that, Prayer

None to god for he is a, Slayer

Devil joins along just as a, Player

Searching at night in utter, Fear

What you find will be very, Unclear

Sheer knowledge is going to, Smear

The greed within will ultimately, Tear

Time in these breaths is just, a Stair

Life lies through for Death, to Adhere

Alone and deserted, must Be…

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