♥ truelovejunkie ♥

        12th October 1996


        My Dearest Love,

         i thought it was easy to fall in love

          but why isnt it, when we have to be apart?

         when love is all that we both have

         and we keep breaking our hearts.

         how can we be far away

        when missing hurt us each new day

does it break your heart too?

because mine cant get over you.

i love you, i always will

when we’re apart, i cant be still

why must you go, why leave

id always stay, please believe.

i would never again hurt you. i promise

stay with me. stay, please…

my love will always be yours forever

i wish we’d always be together.

do we have to stay apart?

if it is breaking my heart,

do you also feel that way?

i cannot stand another day.

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