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“When someone is counting out gold for you, don’t look at your hands, look at the giver.” Rumi

Truly great poetry is an endless well.
Each time we drink from it, we are
refreshed, given new life, discover
something that we had not considered before.

“Look at the giver.” How many ways can we
consider this? There is the lesson of
gratitude. When we receive a gift, do we
feel true gratitude? Are we thankful,
not only to the giver, but also for our
Creator who always sees that our needs are met?

When we look at the giver, do we see a generous
spirit and learn how to be generous ourselves?
Generosity comes from gratitude that we have
so much that we must share. It comes from having
so little that we know what it’s like to lack,
thus want to help someone worse off than we.
Generosity comes…

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