Bridges to Oneness

I was looking for some references to back up the statement I made in a previous post about Indian classical music. I found them in a set of book+20 CDs titled Alaap, a discovery of Indian music, published by Times Music, brought about by Sri Aurobindo Institute of Research in  Social Sciences.

It gives a few original quotes in Sanskrit translated into English (unfortunately with no indication of their source) along with a story involving the musician Tansen and the emperor Akbar.

We adore that Brahman,
Manifest as Sound (Nada),
That Limitless One without a second,
Who is consciousness,
Who has brought forth the universe
Out of his own Self for all beings.

There is no song without the Nada
Nor music without it;
Without Nada there is no dance.
Indeed the whole universe itself is Nada.

Here is this excellent story which illustrates the spiritual…

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