“Bring me nearer, closer to Thee.
I wait in the crossroads of humanity.
Not above or below, nor to the left or the right.
I stand at the juncture bound for all merging Light.
Kindly fill the All of me, flood my souls’ shine
with You, the Divine, and no will less than Thine.”

©2012 Linda Willows

With pure intent, that may cause us to surrender our own motives and assign aspiration to the decree of that One which is Holy and not under the sway of our own shifting needs, desires, and aspirations-  we can align ourselves with a course which is set, by the  “slant” of the Light stronger, more powerful and much abler that anything that we may be about to fathom. This, the one that is revealed by allowing the compass to be set by That Light from above.

God is the true navigator as we awaken…

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