Making of a mogul

We all go through hard times. Some of us go through rougher patches than some guys would ever imagine.

It’s always been said that God can’t put us through the fire knowing that we’ll be consumed with the heat; that, within adversity, He plants the seed of opportunity. That may very well be so, but sometimes the pressure feels as though it’s too much, and you wanna give up! There’s no doubt about how hard it is to hold on to faith, but with the help of family, friends and God, even the seemingly weak among us, indeed, manage to pull through.

It’s true what they say: friendship can be that feeble flame that fritters away at the first sign of a storm. Friend come and go, and when things get rough, your professed ‘best friends’ scatter faster than you can spell vamoose. Even so, the truth is that there…

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