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Good and God’s morning …… 
travel is a very fine form of education …… last week I was in travel and staying with a friend and while staying in the guest room made a resolution ……
that will make that space better than when I started staying there ….. so before leaving the room ……cleaned the room and bathroom ….. thanked the room ….. the bed …. the bathroom ….the space ….. apart from thanking my friend .
are we going to leave better earth for our future generations ? 
many time playing with grand children think about this ……. let us promise our self  that we will try and keep this earth better than we got it …..  
this week met magician Ashok Bhandari ….. apart from magic he has a magic of music …… heard him play harmonica and it was divine so he is…

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Casus Belli

Pic of the day:  Still life with Cups and two Poems, by Katsushika Hokusai


Do not think dishonestly.
The Way is in training.
Become acquainted with every art.
Know the Ways of all professions.
Distinguish between gain and loss in worldly matters.
Develop intuitive judgment and understanding for everything.
Perceive those things which cannot be seen.
Pay attention even to trifles.
Do nothing which is of no use.

Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings


Life is made up of small things…

It’s nearly noon as I begin writing this.  I went to sleep normal time last night, around 1 am and set my alarm for 8:10.  I wanted to wake up early and get a run in before I got to the work of the day.  Only a little real work mind you, most of the days duty is to be spent in traveling back and forth…

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Glory to God for All Things

I recall my first classes in Moral Theology some 35 or so years ago. The subject is an essential part of Western thought (particularly in the Catholic and Anglican traditions). In many ways the topic was like a journey into Law School. We learned various methods and principles on whose basis moral questions – questions of right and wrong – could be discussed and decided. These classes were also the introduction of certain strains of doubt for me.

The great problem with most moral thinking – is found in its fundamental questions:

  •  What does it mean to act morally?
  • Why is moral better than immoral?
  • Why is right better than wrong?

Such questions have classically had some form of law to undergird them:

  • To act morally is to act in obedience to the law or to God’s commandments.
  • Moral is better than immoral because moral is a description of obedience…

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Yoga Essence

One word – Passion

What do you think of when you hear that word? What are you passionate about?

What is it that puts that fire in your belly?

For me, it’s inclusion. I have a passion to make everyone feel like they matter, to feel important, to feel like an integral part in this thing called life we are all involved in.  

I think we show love best when we include and invite those the world has outcast. There are so many hot buttons in the world today that thrive on exclusion. Exclusion to me is missing the mark. I believe in unity, in love, in compassion. Namaste in its truest sense.


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The art of living does not consist in preserving and clinging to a particular mode of happiness, but in allowing happiness to change its form without being disappointed by the change.  ~Charles L. Morgan

I stepped out on the deck to watch the sun rise as I enjoyed my coffee this morning.  It just stopped raining.  As the sun showed up, the water on the tips of the leaves of my cedar started sparkling.  It was a moment I had to capture.  The picture above is not an alien pod, just a macro shot of the drops of water clinging on to the tips of the newborn pine needles.  Below is the “not so up close” version of the shot.  Have a great day everyone!



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My Favorite Season


Of all the seasons I would say

This might be the one to stay

As my all time favorite.

First time when I really knew

Seasons could be colorful too

Just exactly as in pictures

That’s the time I truly fell

In love with this, now I guess!


All those times we sure did know

As per science, the seasons four

But only when we really SEE each

And every color of it, everything

Is magical in its own special way


When it is Spring, it’s all green

A hale and healthy sign it is

Along that comes an array of

Various other colors too, with

So many beautiful flowers to choose

What a pleasant time of year

Spring is indeed one of a kind!


Summer is marching in next now

The brightest of all it might be

With abundant sunshine sure it

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Daring to Live in Love!

We currently live in the free world. We are told that we are free because we are able to own property, seek out paid employment and elect our leaders democratically. These are all important freedoms, and we are lucky to have them. But how free do these freedoms make us? Are having freedoms the same as being free?

Let us first examine our supposed freedoms. One of the major freedoms that we are told that we possess is the right to own personal property. Most times this property is in the form of land or housing. We are free because we can own our own home. But how many people truly own their home? Although we are free to own property, the price of owning property is such that most people are required to go to a bank to receive a loan to help them purchase their home. Not many…

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