Daring to Live in Love!

Uncommon in this common world,
I rely on instinct, neither vision nor word;
Unlike any common man,
I do what I should, not what I can;
Different from any common perspective,
I see through uncommon angles with no aim, no objective;
Separated from the common path of virtuality,
I walk on a different path, where dreams become reality.

I talk of religion, I talk of spirituality,
But when I question, texts become reality;
I talk of politics, I talk of crime,
But when I question, laws become prime;
I talk of relations, I talk of humanity,
But when I question, everything becomes formality;
I talk of blind faith, I talk of superstition,
But when I question, they become religion;
I talk of nature, I talk of equality of living,
But when I question, caring becomes killing;
I talk of honesty, I talk of self-satisfaction,
But when I question, money becomes…

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