Curly Miri


I visited Eden Garden as I wanted to start the week feeling refreshed.  A beautiful place to escape and enjoy nature at its best.  Today is officially the start of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere, my favourite season.


Mister and I checked out Kowhai Cafe in Manukau City.  I enjoyed a Mocha made by a cheerful barista named Arthur.  He sang the chorus of Adele’s ‘Turning Tables’ while making my coffee-3/5 for his singing effort and 5/5 for the coffee.

The hollandaise sauce on the Eggs Benedict was a bit sour but tasty otherwise. The black and white floral decor and wait staff give the place a friendly vibe.

Mister’s Big Breakfast-lower left of the photo is butter which they wrap in paper like a lolly-cute!


I read this article and thought to myself:  Why have I not yet graduated?  I was supposed to graduate last year…

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