Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

Today we will see the ways to control the thoughts in detail…

Self Inquiry

The first and foremost of all thoughts – the primeval thought – is “I”. It is only after the birth of this thought that any other thought can rise at all. It is only after the first personal pronoun “I” has arisen in the mind that the second personal pronoun “You” and the third personal pronoun “He”, etc., can make their appearance. If “I” vanishes, “You” and “He” will disappear by themselves. Eradicate this false little “I” of an illusory nature through proper Self Inquiry. Thinker is different from thought. Remember this. This gives the clue to the fact that you are the silent witness of the modifications that arise in the mind.

Annihilation of Thoughts

Raja Yoga teaches though the mental modifications. It gives you the power of expelling the thoughts or, if need be…

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