The start of a journey

Beginning of the reel

Struggling from the ground

Emiting a jubilant sound


Swirling above the waves

Seeking salvation from

The worries and concerns

Of lessons barely learned


In the night air

Of overburdened northern seas

Where history has drowned

And doomed many sailors


Where the plentiful shoals

Have been diminished

And souls brave and fearful

Been lost to the deep


Our well converted ship

Rolls across the waves

With only a sailor’s regard

To the functions of the past


When battles were in mind

And the hold designed

For arseneled journeys

Now it is a ship of peace


Ahead the cities of the North

The waterways, places, walks

The legacies of labour forced

The cafe faces newly met


Meeting the future from the past

The bridge of the present

Platform for a new and stunning

Direction to the midnight…

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