Fading Meta

What is going on your mind right now?

Are you reading this blog post and thinking about something else?

What is the true function of mind and does it work for you, or you work for your mind?

These are the questions i keep pondering when ever i get a chance to chit chat with myself. Mind is a beautiful thing and the strongest organ in the human body. 90% of your body is your brain and remaining 10% are the other body parts. You may be cute , smart, strong, weak, tall or short, but it is your mind which is going to decide the heights of your achievements.

What is the true function of mind?

Think about it as a CPU to your computer. It is supposed to analyze the data, sort it is proper order and then order other units to process as per instructions. Now think…

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Diary of a Mystic

Step into the sun
look and see
what is there;
beyond knowing.
The larks return home
the great storm has ended,

the butterflies
swing on clouds of dreams
flapping their wings.

I said to my soul
Be still,
light is dancing,
the love carriage will be here soon.

the narrow path,
the bridge
the end in peace;
be still
life is is waiting for you.

look at the rainbow
the stars
in the sky
they know the truth,
look beyond the knowing,
butterflies sleep soundless
on each others’
love wings.

Be still,
hear the sound of love
in you, my soul.

~ Serena Devi, August 2012 ~

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