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What is going on your mind right now?

Are you reading this blog post and thinking about something else?

What is the true function of mind and does it work for you, or you work for your mind?

These are the questions i keep pondering when ever i get a chance to chit chat with myself. Mind is a beautiful thing and the strongest organ in the human body. 90% of your body is your brain and remaining 10% are the other body parts. You may be cute , smart, strong, weak, tall or short, but it is your mind which is going to decide the heights of your achievements.

What is the true function of mind?

Think about it as a CPU to your computer. It is supposed to analyze the data, sort it is proper order and then order other units to process as per instructions. Now think…

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Mala Teaha

The nature or essence of love is a subject of frequent debate…Wikipedia says. As long, it says it, I have no argue and I absolutely agree with it. It doesn’t matter how much you like or love someone or hate or dislike either, all those different aspects of this word called Love, must be a positive sentiment. Otherwise, all these bad feelings, lead you to an uncomfortable level where you can’t live your own life in harmony with yourself and with others too.

All these postcards which I did, came as a natural consequence of a feeling that has dominated my mind for such a good enough period of time. And I don’t feel sorry for that because, this is a kind of postcards which I want to see it on the market .
(Because art is excellent completed by music, how about a bit of music ? Who else can better complete it…

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The Silent Discourse

Lost in the mist of time by Abhey Singh
Lost in the mist of time, a photo by Abhey Singh on Flickr.

Taken through the space between bricks which gave such a natural vignetting. This was taken at the Junior college I teach in Mulund. She is one of the helpers and it was around 5 PM. She might be waiting for to go home or maybe lost in some other thoughts.

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The Rag Tree

hmm…just when we least expected it, our first quagga of creativity has been sighted on the horizon. This one may look a little dusty at first, even off-putting, but, as it turns out, is rather important: this Quagga is the brain, which is more flexible (and older) than many might imagine. And what a story it has to tell!


Putting aside our understandable pride in having the largest brain/body ratio of any animal, brains have been around for a ridiculously long time. 500 million years, to be precise (more or a less). And the first animal to develop a brain was none other than the humble flatworm. In fact, only a few invertebrates today lack a brain; all other animals possess one.

So what makes a brain so important?

A brain is the part of an animal that controls all the other parts. It is the center of

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Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me

I will not write much over the next few weeks but I wanted to leave my blog with this quote to keep us all going until I am fit enough to write again!

The quote below is one of my favourites for 2 reasons: a) Albert Einstein is always right and b) should Einstein not be right he still knows how to say it beautifully!

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the universe.”

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