Incisive Observations

Before we get into the how to succeed in your spiritual life, we need to have a more basic discussion about spirituality, what it is and who has it.  Regardless of a theistic, atheistic, or non-theistic tradition, you have an inner life or spirituality even if you are not aware of it.  That means everyone has an inner life or spirituality.
Your inner life regardless of how aware you are reflects into the outside world.  Initially, your inner life is a function of your conditioning, biological tendencies, choices, and habits.   If your inner life is chaotic or conflicted, your external life will be chaotic or conflicted to one degree or another.  If your inner life is stable and peaceful, your external life will be peaceful, for the most part.

Your success or failure in your spiritual life will dictate ultimate success or failure in the external world.  It may seem…

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