The Accidental Kansan

In the image above, I’m taking a photo of my favorite subject, the sky above.  Though I enjoy doing all kinds of landscape and urban photography, nothing captures my interest more than the often dramatic and beautiful cloud formations and sunrises/sunsets.  The sky is a canvas created by God upon which nature does some of her most beautiful work.  And it’s ever-changing, capturing our attention newly each day.

Side note:  in the above pic, I am actually holding a camera.  It’s a small point and click camera that unfortunately is not visible since it’s on the other side of my hand, but it is there.  I am actually taking a picture, not just standing there with my hand up in the air and staring up for no good reason.  😀

Below are some of my ‘cloudscape’ images that I number among my favorite.  After you see them, I think you’ll…

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