Ambling Around Brisbane

In Pursuit of the Image

We are at Boonah, a small town about 100 kilometres south west of Brisbane in an area they call the Scenic Rim.  And I’m out to try my hand at aerial photography.

This is one of those days when I think check lists are a good thing.  The pilot has one, I’ve got mine.

Pre Flight Check List

  • Leather flight helmet  ….. Cool     
  • Sunglasses  and Goggles ….. nice   
  • Headphones and mic ….. Now I look the part      
  • Seatbelt ….. good idea      √√√
  • Camera ….. that’s what its all about      √√√√
  • Pilot ….. Yep, we need one of them      √√√√√√√√√
  • That thing under the seat ….. MISSING
  • What is it that the pretty hostess says …………  ‘they could be behind you’.  No, no need to worry about the exits…

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