empty-bookIt was about a week ago when my wife and I heard a loud noise in the house. We were in bed watching TheOffice on the ipad – – so it was well after 9:00 – and it was clear the noise had come from the front door; it opened and it shut. We only had two house keys – one for me, and one for Sarabeth. I looked at her and whispered, “I love you. Lay flat.”

With panic in her eyes, she did so, and I quickly draped the covers over her to give the appearance of an empty bed. I grabbed my 357 Magnum revolver from my night stand and hurried on tiptoes toward the hallway. There were footsteps on the tile floor by the entryway. I prayed it wasn’t a friend pulling a prank, because I wasn’t going to wait to find out who it…

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