Writing Finger

Alalá de Maía

alvarodelascasasThe cocks call in the day.
Wake up, my love, and go.
How can I leave, my love?
How can I leave you and go?

You are the budding bloom,
The one my heart desires.
You are the whitest star
That falls down from the sky.

Here you have it- my heart-
Shut up well with a key.
I open it now for you
For you alone fit there.

I send to you my heart
With the key to open it.
I have no more to give
And you no more to ask.

If it rains let it rain,
Drizzle, let it drizzle.
For all it rains and rains
I won’t ever leave you.

Farewell, farewell, my love,
My kerchief’s soaked with tears.
I never thought that love
Would give such troubles to me

This poem is called an Alalá and comes from the Cancioneiro Popular Galego

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