Posted by Steve Beckow on January 17, 2013   /   Comments Off

Love 4329A reader has asked me to offer my opinion on how to cause the bliss to rise and be experienced in us.

Before starting out, I need to make what is becoming a standard disclaimer that I am not qualified to be a spiritual teacher. I am not an enlightened being in this lifetime. As a starseed, like you, chances are that I’ve been enlightened in other lifetimes.

That comes with being a starseed here to help with Ascension and is not unique to me. It applies to you as well. But I have no evidence this lifetime of being enlightened.

But I do enjoy discussing these matters just because they’re inherently joy-filled subjects. It gives me bliss, quite frankly, just to talk about them.

So let me say first off that I don’t think I can…

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