“Some people pursue happiness…others create it.” – Anonymous

Now and then in the midst of the daily struggle and grind, stop and remind yourself that you are – at this moment experiencing a miracle.  Each breath that you take is a life giving miracle.  Can you feel the heart beating in your chest? Another miracle.  No doctor or scientist can explain life – they can look at it, study it, pursue answers and seek to protect and prolong it, but they can’t explain it. 

Now that you have experienced the miracle of being alive, think about the miracles that allow you to learn, to read, to have emotions, to experience life.  Amazing what we take for granted most of the time. 

Joy, laughter, happiness are around you – created for you to experience.  The birds singing, the whispering leaves in the trees, the soft touch of the wind in…

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The Rag Tree

File:Lady Godiva (John Collier, c. 1897).jpg


The interest is obsessive, the power not to be denied. How much of our life revolves around the irresistible beauty of women? Power, territory, body hunger, reproduction, and that most elusive quality of all, feminine energy, all are bound up with the image of the nude woman.


If we ask someone what beauty is, chances are he or she thinks first of a woman. But what is it that makes a woman beautiful?

RT has suggested elsewhere that all women are beautiful. Surely, our first sense of satisfaction and comfort is felt in the arms of a mother or nurse. Nursing (or merely being cradled by arms) is an experience so immediate and physical that (at least to some extent) it defines feminine energy–the power to nourish and heal. The power of touch and sympathy.

It’s difficult to imagine how we extend such happiness to more distant and…

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Written by Stuphblog and HastyWords


Distress strolls down my street

Kicking cans to the curb

Looking in all the windows

Trying its best to find me

I attempt to find refuge

A place I’m safe from its clutches

I withdraw deep into myself

Despair nips at my consciousness

How did I allow myself to be here?

Stuck in a spot I can’t run from?

I miss lying next to you

Waking up side by side

The slivers of sunlight

Caressing the curves of your face

I’m lost without you

Alone, adrift

A feather floating aimlessly

Sinking to the earth

Where did we go wrong?

Which fork in the road?

How do I piece my heart back together?

How will I carry on?

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Namaste EveryONE! 

We are soon leaving Tiruvannamalai, South India and heading for Kodaikanal – in the same state of Tamil Nadu but at higher altitude (an nice escape from the approaching heat!).

Our stay there will be outside the main town at a small Zen Center in the green, lush hills. We will be sitting in meditation, with some days in total silence. So, this is to let you know that smallpebbles will be posting intermittently for the next month or so. We will post from the Kodai Hills when we can – and will do our best to read yours!

A Loving Embrace to All Your Beautiful Hearts – In Silence and Peace,

Kai and Chris

This mornings photo – a sunrise over the sacred Mountain Arunachala!



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BP&O - Logo, Branding, Packaging & Opinion by Richard Baird

Sancy & Regent designed by OK-RM

Sancy & Regent is a UK-based online boutique retailer of limited edition jewellery created by young international designers. Their visual identity, developed by independent design studio OK-RM, combines classic type, proprietary quirk and subtle embellishment with tactile material choices and a hidden high quality print finish, to convey small-scale craft with consistent, curated quality.

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The “E” element in my alphabetic mnemonic list for successfully practicing design is:

Engage Enthusiastically.

Are you enthusiastically engaged and passionately sharing the work you are doing?

If you’re not feeling fully engaged in your work, and you’re not enthusiastically engaging others in your vision, it’s far less likely that your endeavor will succeed.


The Enthusiasm Litmus Test

Be honest with yourself: are you excited about what you’re doing (or trying to do)? Are you engaged and passionate about your work as a design professional? If not, something needs to change. It might be your attitude, or it might be your circumstances. But this much is clear: you need to take the lead in cultivating your own enthusiasm and sense of engagement.

If you’re experiencing a deficit of enthusiasm, it usually means you’re not optimistic about the process and/or the results you anticipate. Ask yourself why you have doubts. Examining…

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The Everyday Adventurer

Up Coffee Table

I’m hoping that this will be the weekend that I get a grip on my schedule, have some serious R&R and really just get organized. So far, the stars seem to be aligning for that to happen and I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so excited to just be lazy. Wishing you all a very happy Friday!

This week, my adventures included:

+Spending last weekend in Houston and eating delicious food at Underbelly.

+Attempting to recover from being sick for the better part of the last week and, therefore, going to sleep way to early every night. My allergies have announced it to be spring in Texas and I need them to chill out.

+Learning that my new site design should be ready in the next two weeks! I can’t wait to share with all of you everything we have been working on over the…

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