Life Lesson… Don’t be a People Pleaser

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people-pleasing“Life can get messed up fast when you try to be a pleaser. Because people won’t ever be pleased, not even if you drop them ass-first into paradise. They like complaining too much.”
Charles Frazier, Nightwoods

You will never please everyone all of the time and not everyone will like you. These two things are known facts. Sometimes when we are young we think we have to please people or they won’t like us. What you need to realize is  to “just be yourself”. People will either like you for you or they won’t. You will be happier living a life true to you. The people that like you for you will be the best people in your life!

Life is too short to live a life of pleasing everyone all the time. BE YOU! BE HAPPY!

Love and Being YOU!!


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A Mighty Inspiration

Let The Words Flow

Whose my hero
My role model
Who do I look up to
Whose footsteps shall I follow

My mum is a hero
Amazing in many ways
She helps people
Every single day.

She taught me 
She loved me
she’s the mum
I’d want to be

My dads a hero
I think you’ll find
His heart Is huge
He’s tell u kind

He works hard everyday
He never fails to show his love
He’s funny and brill
He’s like an angel from above.

My teachers are hero’s
They have to be
Cause it can’t be easy
To try and teach me

They take the time to help 
And make us achieve
They make lessons fun
And in us they believe.

My friends inspire me
The Way they always cheer me up
The Way we all just chat
We never ever shut up

All of you are.heroes to me
The Way you…

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Grit Flow


In every religion the power of the word is recognized,so much that in some of them creation itself is said to have come out of the word.The external aspect of the thought of the god is the word,and as god thought and willed before the creation came out of the word.
Apart from the higher philosophic and religious value of the word,we may see that sound symbols play a prominent part in play of human life.
Someone talking to you,he is not touching you ,the pulsation of the air caused by his speaking go into your ear, they touch your nerves and produce effect in your mind.You can not resist it.Isn’t it wonderful.
Someone calls you a fool, you stand and slaps on his face.Suppose you are in trouble and felling miserable then one of your friend comes to you and he shares some inspiring stories with you and tell…

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Grit Flow

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī or simply Rumi was a 13th century persian mystic,poet and theologian.
Rumi’s importance is considered to transcend national and ethnic borders. His poems have been widely translated into many of the world’s languages and transposed into various formats. In 2007, he was described as the “most popular poet in America.”
Rumi’s works are written in Persian and his Mathnawi remains one of the purest literary glories of Persia, and one of the crowning glories of the Persian language.
Rumi is one of the person who keeps me inspiring through his quotes and poems.
and i think he can inspire you too,so i am posting some of his quotes here which are my favorites.

Why should I seek? I am the same as
He. His essence speaks through me.
I have been looking for myself!

“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.”


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