it’s simple, just breathe……………

World of Dreams

it was a clear day . the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. everything seemed so lovely and beautiful. but nina was sad. she was upset. why you may ask? because of certain events in her life. like many others, she also had her share of problems.

why is it that sometimes it is hard to let go somethings and easy to forget others in a jiffy? why is it that always she had to stick around and try to make something work which 90% of the time won’t work? was she too optimistic or plain and simple crazy? why didn’t she simply let go and see what happens?

all these questions were swimming in her mind when she bumped into an old man. he was talking a walk with his dog. the dog was also pretty old. the old man saw the look of worry on her face and asked her,”such…

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