China continues to amaze!

Breath of Joy

Chinese wisdom “He who knows, does not speak, he who speaks does not know” ~ Lao Tsu

This is a Guest Post kind courtesy Sanjay who recently did a brief stint in China. He was lucky to attend the famous annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival and has shared with us some amazing pictures. China is indeed a country whose progress and development stuns the world.

Harbin is the capital and largest city in Northeast China, as well as the tenth most populated city in the People’s Republic of China. Harbin serves as a key political, economic, scientific, and cultural and communications hub in Northeast China.

It is known for its bitterly cold winters and is often called the “Ice City.” Harbin is notable for its beautiful ice sculptures in winter and its Russian legacy, and it still plays an important part in Sino-Russian trade today. Harbin is…

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are we too attached to the idea of non-attachment?

words divinely wrought

I freely admit it. For all of our talk about non-attachment, I would love to receive notes from “Finders” who have been touched by our poetic offerings.

One of our poetry emissaries sent me a most evocative rumination on this topic. I share it with permission and with great respect for the honesty and consciousness portrayed therein. You will understand why this person has no wish in being identified in any way.

“I had the idea to leave the poem at Le Celle, a small, very old monastery outside of Cortona (Italy), built into a steep cleft of rock with a stream running down the rock. St. Francis spent time there. It’s a lovely and contemplative place that has always been a favorite destination of mine.

“So, I carried (the poem) to Le Celle… it’s about a half-hour walk on a mostly flat road that winds across the front of…

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God is not a Christian!

Bryan Patterson's Faithworks

Desmond Tutu deliberately opened a can of worms when he said God was “not a Christian’’.

The retired South African archbishop and Nobel Prize winner declared that God is the God of all. He said: “None is an outsider black and white, yellow and red, rich and poor, educated and not educated, beautiful and not so beautiful, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, all belong, all are held in a divine embrace that will not let us go all, for God has no enemies.’’

That stirred some of the faithful of different creeds who preferred God to be exclusive rather than inclusive.

Tutu’s reasoning has been expanded by a number of theologians and writers recently. Bruce Cavey, in his book The End of Religion, asks what would happen if God made a personal appearance on Earth and declared that religion had outlived its usefulness and that it was time to shut…

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