are we too attached to the idea of non-attachment?

be whole now

I freely admit it. For all of our talk about non-attachment, I would love to receive notes from “Finders” who have been touched by our poetic offerings.

One of our poetry emissaries sent me a most evocative rumination on this topic. I share it with permission and with great respect for the honesty and consciousness portrayed therein. You will understand why this person has no wish in being identified in any way.

“I had the idea to leave the poem at Le Celle, a small, very old monastery outside of Cortona (Italy), built into a steep cleft of rock with a stream running down the rock. St. Francis spent time there. It’s a lovely and contemplative place that has always been a favorite destination of mine.

“So, I carried (the poem) to Le Celle… it’s about a half-hour walk on a mostly flat road that winds across the front of…

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