What Have We Known

Sounds of the Son

What have we known
Other than suffering and sorrow
What have we been shown
Other than yesterday and tomorrow

What have we grown
Other than anxiety and shame
What do we hone
Other than disappointment and pain

What have we sown
Other than fear and expectations
What do we own
Other than tears and reservations

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From Darkness to Light!

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean


Neither time nor space exists for the man who knows the eternal.

Space and time are real for the man who is yet imperfect and space is divided for him into dimensions, time into past, present and future. He looks behind him and sees his birth, his acquisitions, all that he has rejected. That past is being continually modified by the future which is ever being added to it. From the past man turns his eyes to the future where death, the unknown, the darkness, the mystery, await him.

Fascinated by these he can no longer detach himself from them. The mystery of the future holds for him the fulfilment of all his desires, which the past has denied to him, and in his dreams he flies to that brilliant horizon where happiness must exist, where he must seek it.

Fatal error!

No one will ever pierce the infinite mystery…

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the field trip…

Read Between the Minds

the field trip

she had rarely
been outside
her own mind
this excursion
into an open space
of discussion
was indeed
a departure
her ritual existence
hearing the melodic sounds
of truth
a pied piper moment
for her
someone asked her
that universal question
if god
is good
god can
and does
answer prayers
why have so many
believers died
at the hands
of sinners
merely uttered
perhaps god…
with those words
she quickly
staggered back
into the closed confines
that held
the sacraments
of her delusions

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Who Binds You?

Live & Learn

wind, flow

Who binds you?
A monk asked Seng ts’an, “Master, show me the way to liberation.”
Seng ts’an replied, “Who binds you?”
The monk responded, “No one binds me.”
Seng ts’an said, “Then why do you seek liberation?”

Credits: Image – Madam Scherzo. Quote:  whiskeyriver.blogspot.com.  This is an Ancient koan / teaching story.  Seng Ts’an is the third Zen ancestor in China.

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