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Deep in the perilous realms of the grammatical jungle a lone figure stalks silently, pausing occasionally to sharpen the quill, its only weapon. With fierce determination it hunts the elusive comma, the errant exclamation mark and the dreaded reflexive pronoun…. From out of nowhere, a typo appears, starkly horrifying in its blatant nakedness, laughing wildly as it romps across the page intent on escape….

It sort of feels that way sometimes, this editing malarkey.

With three books in the editing process and due for imminent release I’m going cross-eyed hunting the darned things. The Osiriad and The Living One I have already mentioned. Heart of Albion: Tales from the Wondrous Head I may have neglected to tell you about yet…But rest assured I will in due course…

Meanwhile I am also working on the upcoming Silent Eye event in Glastonbury in a little over a week’s time, so I could…

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