Tell Your Story Walking

Exquisitely Human

A day of walking, shared stories, confessions of humanity – love, loss, and nonlinear time. On the way home, I whisper to a telephone pole, “Remember the earth and sky and how you once swayed in the breeze.” When we tell our truths, the world spins more easily on its axis.

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Creative Sunlight

Terry Long imagery

Spectro – Spiro / Medium – Prismography / 2014 / Terry Long

I used a combination of two crystal prisms, sunlight, and my Nikon D700 DSLR camera to create Spectro-Spiro, plus some photoshop. A total of 20 digital layers were also used for the finished piece.

Spiro-Spectro copy.e

Close up section of Spectro-Spiro

Using pure sunlight to create art feels and appears to be very magical, a kind of alchemical process, but without the wizards hat and cape! Living in sunny Southern California helps a great deal, and allows me a lot more opportunity to experiment with this exciting medium and process. The prisms act like paint brushes, and can be combined in different configurations to achieve different effects, plus combined with the many digital effects of photoshop, there are endless possibilities.

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Intro 1: Time Over Time

David Emeron: Sonnets

Wrote, of that I wrote
Within a thought once within,
Without is without.

Always it began,
As reliable as though
It ran like clockwork,

My love, did I sit,
Outside, under an awning,
Watched and listened as it rained.

And sometimes, I cried;
All my tears, all my ink, mixed;
And wrote I such things:


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Conservation of Love

Sherrie Theriault's Blog

April 8


Love does not diminish.  It recycles like the rain, ever in transition and transmission.  Love is not salvationary or redemptive.  Nor do I believe it to be the currency of Godliness.  Love is an element like cobalt or gold, it has weight and substance.  Love is the coinage of responsibility not a door out of consequences.  Love, true love, inspires right action, never cowardice or disrespect.  In this strange amelioration, standing in the wings of realism, love is love no longer.  Love is the standard I have to bear, not the canopy I stand beneath.  In the frozen center, love cannot endure the pressure of misinformation, and melts with friction, floods with irresponsibility.  Love, like money, admiration and sex, has its place and must not have expectation of being more than it is.  With that said, Love is peerless, to be treasured, protected and shared.

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stripped bare to the soul

Make Believe Boutique


Simply be what you are,
not ‘this’ one or ‘that’ one,
but The One,
the space for all of it.
……Jeff Foster

our hearts linger in the space in between desire and calm, between knowing who we are and who we think we should be, between surrender and fear…….this is the way, so it is…..

Human beings desire to be seen, to be known by those who are important to us. I sometimes wonder if the preoccupation with fame in our culture rests on a widespread unmet longing to be truly seen by those we know and love. Perhaps presenting ourselves as other than who we are (someone kinder or wiser or more adventurous) feels better than the invisibility we may fear. The truth is, it takes real courage to be who we are, especially when we have received rewards for allowing ourselves to be seen as someone else…

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