Conservation of Love

Sherrie Theriault's Blog

April 8


Love does not diminish.  It recycles like the rain, ever in transition and transmission.  Love is not salvationary or redemptive.  Nor do I believe it to be the currency of Godliness.  Love is an element like cobalt or gold, it has weight and substance.  Love is the coinage of responsibility not a door out of consequences.  Love, true love, inspires right action, never cowardice or disrespect.  In this strange amelioration, standing in the wings of realism, love is love no longer.  Love is the standard I have to bear, not the canopy I stand beneath.  In the frozen center, love cannot endure the pressure of misinformation, and melts with friction, floods with irresponsibility.  Love, like money, admiration and sex, has its place and must not have expectation of being more than it is.  With that said, Love is peerless, to be treasured, protected and shared.

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